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Luxembourg Culture and Traditions



Few refugees from Greece

Thirty Syrians and Iraqis are being sent from a Greek reception center to Luxembourg, as part of a relocation plan agreed by the EU countries to manage the large migration flows. Luxembourg has offered to receive about 400 of the total 160,000 that need to be placed.

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Luxembourg is no longer a tax haven

October 30th

Culture and Traditions of LuxembourgThe OECD deletes Luxembourg, as well as Cyprus and Seychelles, from its list of countries that do not cooperate on information exchange. They are now placed in a new category with countries that "essentially" follow the rules.


Three no in referendum

7 June

Voters vote down by a large margin a proposal to give citizens who lack citizenship the right to vote in national elections. Only 22 percent support the proposal, which would have increased the electorate by a full 50 percent. A large majority also say no to lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 and to introducing a ten-year limit for the Cabinet of Ministers (a proposal tabled after Juncker's 19 years as prime minister).


The head of government includes same-sex marriage

15th of May

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has been marrying his partner for many years, thus becoming the first sitting EU head of government to enter into same-sex marriage.


The OECD warns Luxembourg

March 29th

The OECD urges the country to broaden its economic base and not just rely on the financial sector. The background is stricter international rules that are intended to make it more difficult for large companies to use financial services abroad to avoid tax, which is a cornerstone of Luxembourg's economy.

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