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Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture and Traditions



Minister resigns in protest

June 2

Security Minister Fahrudin Radočić leaves her post in protest of the threats posed by the country's prosecutor after she last week accused the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Prime Minister Fadil Novalić of corruption (see May 28, 2020). Novalić supporters have argued that the prosecution is politically motivated. Radočić said at a press conference that it is serious when the law's representatives, such as police, prosecutors and judges, are threatened, and that he does not feel he can continue as responsible minister.

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Federation Prime Minister arrested

May 28

Culture and Traditions of Bosnia and HerzegovinaFadil Novalić, Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is arrested and questioned by the police, suspected of irregularities in connection with the purchase of respirators from China. A total of 100 respirators have been ordered from China to be used in the treatment of covid-19 patients. According to police, suspicions were aroused when a fruit and vegetable company was commissioned by the federation's management to purchase the equipment. Novalić and his party, the SDA, refute the allegations.


State of emergency due to corona

March 17

The government is announcing emergency permits throughout the country, to improve coordination between the two entities that have both already declared emergency, because of the new corona virus. Schools and universities have already been closed and residents are encouraged to work in shifts and avoid crowds. A two-week mandatory quarantine applies to anyone traveling into the country. Only a few coronary cases have so far been detected in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Serbian boycott of state institutions

February 12

Bosnian Serb leaders decide to boycott Bosnia's state institutions until the Constitutional Court is overthrown. The requirement is that the three foreign judges be removed from the court, which also has two Serbs, two Croatian and two Bosnian judges. The triggering reason for the boycott is that earlier this month the court decided that agricultural land that no one claims should automatically accrue to the Bosnian state and not the Republika Srpska - which contravenes Bosnian Serb law. The Serbian representative in the national presidency, Milorad Dodik, reiterates his threat to call for a referendum on Bosnian Serb independence. A few days later, Dodik and the Parliament of the Republika Srpska give a 60-day deadline for reforming the Constitutional Court. Otherwise, they say, the Serbian entity will break out of Bosnia.

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